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5 Easy Ways to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Life is great until you have lower back pain to deal with. Often it feels like it happens with little to no effort on your part but can be absolutely crippling in trying to go about your daily life. Lower back pain can be sharp and lingering which is why it is important to first and foremost go see a specialist to make sure you take the proper measures to heal it. However, while you go through the healing process there are some easy steps you can take to help ease the pain and get back on track.

5 Suggestions to Ease Lower Back Pain

1. Switching between ice and heat is a really good starting point for easing any lower back pain you may have. Using an ice pack will relieve inflammation that may be occurring while heat will help relax tight muscles. Just make sure you limit your use to 20 minutes at a time and don’t use these treatments if you have applied a muscle-ache ointment.

2. Medicated creams and over-the-counter medications can be your best friend. You just have to know what you are looking for and make the best decision for your immediate needs. Medicated creams help numb stiff, achy muscles but are definitely not going to solve your issues. OTC medications help with inflammation and may provide stronger relief.

3. This sounds too obvious but maintaining a healthy weight can be very beneficial to keeping your back in tip-top shape. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain this is a relatively easy solution to look into if it applies. Not only will your back feel better but you may also reap other health benefits as well.

4. Being mindful of your posture and how you literally carry yourself can be of huge help keep your back healthy and happy. If you need a cheat code to identify if you are using good posture or not the easiest identifier is where your head is positioned. It should always be centered over your pelvis with your shoulders back.

5. Finally, if you aren’t you should be stretching every single day. You also should be continuously strengthening your core as well. Yoga, pilates and tai chi are all excellent exercise routines you can use that will both strengthen your mid-section but also stretch you muscles and keep them loose.

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