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5 Mantras to Start Your Day

Our brains are a powerful machine that require a lot of care to function properly. On the obvious front that means getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food and of course “exercising” it with proper stimulation such as reading and music. Perhaps less obvious is turning your brain “on” for the day.

One of the easiest ways to fire up your mind and get it ready for the day is to chant a mantra. Mantras are a word or phrase that are meant to be said aloud or in your head repeatedly to help you mind zero in. Using mantras help you to be positive and present in the current moment.

If you are fully ingrained in the yoga world you are probably already familiar with the power of mantras and may be into more complex ones. Below we will talk about some simple, starter mantras you can try out if you’ve never chanted before.

5 Starter Mantras

1. “Om” might be the most universally recognized mantra we present to you. This chant goes back to ancient times where sages identified “om” as an elemental sound. What makes “om” so powerful is the vibrations the sound sends out after you say it—a literal representation of the energy found in nature such as water, thunder, and wind. Chanting “om” to start your day can help ground you in peace and harmony for whatever lies ahead.

2. “I am” is a powerful mantra because it grounds you in you. By chanting “I am” to start your mornings you are taking time to recognize yourself and what you bring to the table which can be a very powerful tool. “I am” helps to connect you to all of creation by placing focus on who you truly are in this world.

3. “I exist” functions in a similar way to “I am”. It forces you to concentrate and recognize yourself and how you connect to everything else. This mantra is great for building confidence and self-esteem to conquer your day and even your week. “I exist” is particularly potent if you’ve been feeling down and out or under-appreciated.

4. “I am powerful” helps you to recognize and harness your own power. By saying this mantra over and over to start your morning you help yourself to take control of any situation that may come your way. When you recognize the power you hold you are more likely to recognize your individual gifts and talents that make you uniquely you. This is a particularly good chant if you have a big presentation to give a work, an interview for a dream job, a big test at school or a lecture to give.

5. “I love” is a good mantra to have when you are feeling particularly unloved or lonely. Lets face it, the world can be cold and there are times it is hard not to feel like you are floating out there on your own. Who couldn’t use a little more love in their life? Manifest it with this mantra and see just how good you can feel.

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