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Biggest Loser Challenge Tip #2: Better Grocery Shopping Habits

So, you’ve decided to start a journey towards better health in 2022? Congratulations! That is a big step and quite possibly an overwhelming one. With so many options and ways to lose weight or simply improve your health it can be hard to know where to even start. Thankfully you have us at Buckner Wellness to forge a clearer path for you to accomplish all your health goals this year.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out our guide on The 90 Day Body Fat Challenge. We will also be providing you with weekly tips on simple things you can do to get started (and keep going) on your weight loss, health and fitness journey. This week’s tip focuses on your shopping habits at the grocery store and how to make better decisions.


Have you ever noticed you tend to get the same thing from the grocery store every week? We’d be willing to be it’s also not as healthy as it could be.

Here is the thing, liking what you like and going for it every week when you shop for food isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless you stock up on mostly boxed food. Chances are, if you are being honest your cart probably is filled with more processed food than it should be, but the good news is you can ease your way into better choices.

Now that we have outed you about your groceries, take time to take inventory of the way you shop the next time you have to load up on supplies. Go about your business as you usually would, but when you get home tally up what you bought. How many boxed goods compared to produce, fresh protein and things like frozen fruits or veggies? If the boxed goods won out, make a goal to buy five less of those items next time you shop and replace them with non-processed items. The next time buy 10 less boxed goods, etc. until your cart mostly contains fresh, healthy food.

Again, this is about taking baby steps and building habits that will last rather than over-burdening yourself all at once to the point you end up quitting. Easing into better habits and choices allows you a greater chance of success rather than fixing everything all at once.


  • Plan ahead what you are going to get. Think about what you would like to eat that week and shop for the ingredients you need. People are more likely to make better, healthier choices when their fridge is full of nutritious food and a shopping list that you have to check off holds you accountable while keeping you on script.

  • Keep a running list. Rather than trying to remember what you ran out of on Monday on Friday while you’re shopping, keep a list that you add things to as you notice you are out. Again, this keeps you accountable by helping you to not buy off-script or over-buy things.

  • Have realistic expectations. It’s easy to want to try all of these great foods that maybe you have never used before when deciding to practice a healthier lifestyle, but it’s important for you to question whether you will use what you buy or not. Buying off-script often leads to you over-buying and choosing things that maybe aren’t the best choice. A list keeps you focused on the goal at hand and only getting what you will actually use.

  • Stick to the perimeters. Still feel tempted to buy those devilishly delicious, processed foods? Avoid temptations by sticking to the perimeters of the store where most of the produce and fresh meat/dairy items are held. It’s harder to buy what you aren’t seeing.

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