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Avoiding the Mid-Day Slump

Your day is going great. You have been outstandingly productive and then you hit a wall after lunch. Afternoon slumps are real, very annoying, but preventable occurrences in our day because of a dip in our biological sleep-wake cycle. Other factors such as not getting enough sleep, eating heavy lunches or spending your early hours on a tedious project can also affect your alertness later in the day. We do have some suggestions to combat the afternoon slump, however, no candy bars or energy drinks required.

  • Stay hydrated. Yes, dehydration can cause fatigue so chug away all day. Just make good choices concerning your fluids of choice. While the natural inclination would be to pick up a caffeinated soda or energy drink, water is actually all you need. If you need a little flavor in your life try an herbal tea to mix it up.

  • Educate yourself on eating. While those refined carbs taste great going in, they wreak havoc on your blood sugar and can cause you to crash later. Instead of reaching for white bread and pasta, consider snacks or a lunch that includes a protein and complex carbohydrate. Think multigrain bread, whole wheat pasta, almond butter, peanut butter, etc. Not only will you feel full longer, but you should also feel less sleepy in the middle of the day.

  • Shake it out. Taking a break and getting a little exercise in to get the blood flowing is a very affective way to avoid an afternoon slump. The great news is it doesn’t take much. Just get up and walk or take a moment to stretch out. Small activities spread throughout your day to keep you from sitting will make a huge difference in your overall energy levels.

  • All the sunshine. The outdoors and sunlight can greatly affect our mood and motivation. Nature has amazing healing powers that help center us and refocus our attention after being at a monotonous task any length of time. The light will also work wonders on your mood and keep you from wanting to doze off.

  • Groove your way through work. Many people enjoy listening to music while they work and guess what? Music is proven to enhance your attention span, mental efficiency, speed, accuracy, memory and creativity. Keep it upbeat for an extra boost of energy to keep you going through your day.

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