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Be Kind, It's Good For You

Did you know that practicing kindness has incredible health benefits? It does not matter if you are on the giving or receiving end of it, but there is proof out there that kindness buffers stress and lowers a person’s inflammatory response. Who knew something so simple could have such a profound affect on our overall well-being, right? If you need some ideas about how to get the most bang for your buck everyday we have a few suggestions to get your started on your mindful kindness journey.

Start small. You do not have to give a big gift or make a grand gesture to make someone’s day a little better. Something as simple as picking up the tab for the person behind you in the coffee line will have a great impact. Even just asking someone how their day has been going can brighten it for both of you.

It is hard to be kind to others if you are not first kind to yourself. Taking time to exercise, say positive affirmations to yourself, or even learn a new skill can make a world of difference in your mood and conversely how you treat the people around you.

Check on your circle. If you know someone is feeling lonely or going through a tough time reach out to them. Let them know you are thinking about them through a text, call, or visit. Not everyone you talk to will be receptive, but at least you will know you tried and who knows? Maybe down the road they will want to talk and remember that you made the effort.

You spend a ton of time with your co-workers, but I bet you do not know what they like doing in the evenings and weekends. Make the effort to learn. Who knows? They may turn you on to something you would like to try, or you may have a common interest. Whatever the case work becomes more fun when you know the people around you.

Never take someone’s bad mood personally. Everyone has their good and bad days. Everyone has things going on in their lives that can be a major cause of stress. Just turn the other cheek and shower them with as much kindness as they will allow in the moment. You never know, it just may make something hard in their life a little easier to deal with in the moment.

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