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LifeDojo Platform Video Tutorial and FAQs

Buckner Wellness + LifeDojo

Science backed coaching, employee health behavior change platform, that provides employees with the tools and personalized support to make sustainable change. Built-in incentives and rewards platform. Transforming physical, mental and emotional health, one behavior at a time.



What is LifeDojo?

LifeDojo is a program that allows you to design your own 12-week behavior change program with the support of a personal health coach and evidence-based resources at your fingertips. Choose your habit. Choose your goal. Make your change.

How do I get started?

You can sign up and register for your free LifeDojo account through your wellness program. LifeDojo can be accessed via computer or any mobile device –– to sign-up, please create your account from a web browser.

From your computer:

1. Access LifeDojo via your company’s benefits page

or by using the link provided by your wellness specialist.

you can email Emily at to gain

access to the link.

2. Enter your email address, first name, and last

name, and click Next

3. Enter your time zone and create a password for

your account. Click Sign Up

4. Next, you will be prompted to download the LifeDojo

app to your mobile device. To continue on your

computer, click download later and continue

5. Follow the prompts to choose your 12-week

program and get started!

From your mobile device:

1. Download the LifeDojo app: search for LifeDojo on

the App Store or Google Play

2. Open the app, click Next to scroll through the

introduction and click Log In when finished

3. Enter your email address and click Next

4. Enter your newly created password and click Sign


5. Enter your time zone and click Continue

6. Follow the prompts to choose your 12-week

program and get started

Why 12 weeks?

LifeDojo is science-based, and research shows that 12 weeks is a sweet spot for building a new habit and making your new habit become automatic. This amount of time allows you to think less about your habit as it comes more naturally and is integrated into your life.

Can I work on more than one habit at the same time?

You can only work on one habit at a time. Research shows that focusing on one singular habit will increase your chances of success!

What if I want to change my habit?

We are all about choice, so if you find that you didn’t pick the right habit, we encourage you to try a new one! Our coaches are happy to assist you with any endeavor you wish to pursue. If they know another coach might be a better fit for the new habit you are trying to work on, they’ll refer you. And if you change your mind later and want to go back to the earlier habit, you can.

Is the program available after the initial 12 weeks?

Yes! After you’ve worked on a habit for 12 weeks you can try a new habit!

What happens after 12 weeks?

After 12 weeks, your habit program ends, and you are able to start a new habit.

Who are your coaches?

LifeDojo coaches are selected from diverse backgrounds to meet the unique needs of clients. All coaches have specialized training in the health field. Coach backgrounds include masters-level trained psychologists and social workers, registered dieticians, personal trainers, certified health coaches, and more. Many of our coaches have a combination of backgrounds that allow them to provide personalized, research-informed coaching. Coaches are located all over the globe and clients can choose from a variety of

coaches when joining the program to ensure the best fit for their needs.

Do I have to work with a coach?

Our program is completely choice-based; you can choose your habit and your coach. Whether or not you choose to work with a coach is completely up to you. However, we have found that those who do tend to be more successful than those who do not.

How much does coaching cost?

Expert coaching is included in your LifeDojo program at no cost to you. Though it is optional, users who choose to engage with their coach regularly are typically the most successful with the program and with achieving long-term positive behavior change.

What is the best way to contact a coach?

Our talented coaches can be reached through 1:1 chat or through group chat. You choose what works best for you. Some clients prefer chatting with their coach within the app or online, asking questions and sharing updates whenever they choose. Others prefer the

community feel offered by chat groups, which include a coach. Groups are a great way to connect with others who are implementing new healthy habits just like you. It is a way to share challenges and successes, learn how your coworkers are using the program, and get

advice from your colleagues as well as a coach who moderates and facilitates the discussions.

Is coaching confidential?

All coaching interactions are confidential. Your name and any other identifying details about you will not be shared.

What if I want to change my coach?

Our whole offering is based on choice. We encourage you to find the right coach for you, and hopefully grow and develop a relationship with them throughout the

program. You might form a relationship with one coach for physical exercise, but another for meditation. You’re free to switch back and forth depending on the habit you’re working on.

What are group chats?

Group chats are an opt-in function of our application. Some clients are more successful when they know other colleagues are working on similar habits. Sometimes this creates a playful, competitive environment, sometimes this creates a serious, reinforcement environment. Our coaches gently guide the conversation toward the most productive route.

Can my spouse/family participate in LifeDojo?

LifeDojo is only available to eligible employees at this time.

How often do I receive notifications from the app?

We have push notification settings within the application that you can customize. By default, you get notifications every time your coach sends you a message or there is new content for your habit selection. You can turn this on or off as desired. We also send a reminder email if a message hasn’t been replied to in a while (to help keep you on track), but this

can also be disabled.

How is my data used with LifeDojo?

LifeDojo uses your deidentified survey data and activity to assess the impact of the program and to make sure our users are getting the most out of it.

Can I use my personal email address?

Yes! You can use either a personal email address or one associated with your work.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble?

Who do I contact if I am having trouble? We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues! Please reach out to and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

Updated LifeDojo FAQs_Buckner
Download PDF • 145KB

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