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Benefits of Virtual Healthcare

With so much advancement in how we take care of our selves it is important to be aware of good options to make life easier. One of the greatest developments recently in medical care is the ability to schedule virtual consultations with your doctor for minor checkups. Items that can be easily addressed through a virtual doctor’s appointment include fevers, rashes, cold/flu, aches/pains, minor musculoskeletal injuries, stress/anxiety and some infections.

In this blog we will be examining the advantages of having virtual healthcare provided by your insurance and why you should utilize it regularly.

Benefits of Virtual Healthcare

  • Manage chronic illnesses at your convenience. It’s not fun having re-occurring illnesses or illnesses that will never fully go away but being able to hop on a virtual call to manage symptoms makes it easier than ever before. No time off required, or no planning ahead to get the consistent help you need. Technology has advanced to such point that you can track your vitals on your own and upload them to a chart your doctor will see to make any necessary adjustments to your medications and care.

  • Keeping costs down. There is some evidence to suggest people who regularly get virtual check-ups avoid the hospital and therefore save more money. There is also the benefit of no commuting and the secondary costs associated with that such as childcare, gas and car maintenance.

  • Greater access to care. With the convenience of virtual healthcare more people can get regular treatment and that is a great thing. Virtual healthcare gives better opportunity to those on a budget because of its cost effectiveness and helps people that don’t necessarily live close to a healthcare provider.

  • Keeping infection spread down. When you go to the doctor’s office or hospital it is inevitable you will be around other sick people. That can sometimes lead to infection spread depending on what everyone around you is carrying. When you do simple check-ups from home, you eliminate possibly catching and spreading germs. This can be particularly important if you happen to be immune compromised in any way.

  • More care satisfaction. If you have a quicker, easier way to get care and stay on top of any conditions you may have, chances are you are walking away with a higher sense of satisfaction with your treatment. This in turn can eliminate unnecessary extra stress which can also keep you healthier (and happier) in the long run. Who doesn’t want that?

Things to Keep in Mind

As great as it sounds not needing to travel for every little appointment, make sure your insurance coverage actually offers virtual healthcare before totally jumping on board. Even though this practice is growing in commonality, not every provider offers this option yet. It is also important to note that your medical information could be more easily available to hackers and criminals because it is online. If you aren’t the most tech savvy person, this may be something that would be better to pass on.

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