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Biggest Loser Challenge Tip #7: Talk It Out

So, you’ve decided to start a journey towards better health in 2022? Congratulations! That is a big step and quite possibly an overwhelming one. With so many options and ways to lose weight or simply improve your health it can be hard to know where to even start. Thankfully you have us at Buckner Wellness to forge a clearer path for you to accomplish all your health goals this year.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out our guide on The 90 Day Body Fat Challenge. We will also be providing you with weekly tips on simple things you can do to get started (and keep going) on your weight loss, health and fitness journey. In week seven we turn our focus to “talking it out” when your health and fitness journey gets hard.


Beginning a new lifestyle or even tweaking your lifestyle to make better choices can be tough. This is especially once the novelty wears off and you are in the grind of making it a permanent habit. That is why it can be really helpful to have someone you can talk to when the journey gets tough and you can feel yourself waver.

Talking has the ability to not only lift a weight off of your shoulders, but may also provide you with good insight and advice as to how to get through. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you think about who you can call when the going gets a little rougher.


Much like choosing a workout partner, your best friend may or may not be your best option. It is important to think about who you not only trust and can give you a boost but will also be brutally honest when you need it. Picking a confidant isn’t so much about finding someone who has been through a health and fitness journey themselves but can help you to cut through your own crap and get to a more productive and inspired space again.


  • Good active listening skills.

  • Consistently shows empathy to others.

  • Someone who’s proven trustworthy to you.

  • A person who tells it like it is without being judgmental.

  • Not only should this person be aware of the outside, but they also need to be self-aware as well.

  • Look for someone who is perceptive and sees things you may miss.

  • Find someone who is optimistic and kind find positive takeaways.

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