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Biggest Loser Challenge Tip #8: Mix Up Your Moves

So, you’ve decided to start a journey towards better health in 2022? Congratulations! That is a big step and quite possibly an overwhelming one. With so many options and ways to lose weight or simply improve your health it can be hard to know where to even start. Thankfully you have us at Buckner Wellness to forge a clearer path for you to accomplish all your health goals this year.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out our guide on The Biggest Loser Challenge. We will also be providing you with weekly tips on simple things you can do to get started (and keep going) on your weight loss, health and fitness journey. This week’s tip is all about keeping things fresh, so you stay motivated to continue down the path you have chosen.


At this point you have probably been at this for a while and the novelty of exercising and eating healthier may be wearing off. That’s ok, and perfectly normal! A way to get around this slump and continue on? Try mixing things up and doing something new.

Perhaps you’ve spent the last couple of weeks on the treadmill and lifting weights. Now is a great time to try another cardio machine and maybe some body weight exercises. Or, maybe it’s time to suck it up and try out that yoga class you’ve been eyeing. Maybe you are bored with the food you’ve been consuming, go to a bookstore and check out new healthy cookbooks, or Google new healthy recipes to try. Take a chance on that “super food” you’ve been reading all about but have yet to incorporate in your diet.

Not confident enough in yourself to go it alone? Hire a personal trainer or nutritionist to help you add variety to what you are doing. They will surely have good suggestions and constantly keep you on your toes and therefore keep you interested and challenged.

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