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Date Night At Home

The Pandemic has changed how we do a lot of things including "nights out on the town". With some extra days off on the horizon for the Holidays we have a few ideas on how you and your significant other can creatively spend some time together at home.

Since we are all bored in the house and in the house bored it’s become more important than ever that we find ways to entertain ourselves. That includes the all important date night.

While it’s a bummer we can’t get dressed up and go out on the town to our favorite hotspots at the moment, it doesn’t mean we can’t create our own fun at home. The key is a little creativity and knowing what you like doing as a couple.

If you feel things are getting a little stale and you need some ideas, we have you covered.

1. Go to the drive-in. Love movies, but getting a little tired of watching them in your living room or bedroom? Move the party outside and create a “drive-in” atmosphere complete with sleeping bags, pillows and all the essential goodies. To make it even more special, pick a movie that has meaning for you both, or one that you simply enjoy together because it’s funny. We all could stand to laugh and relax a little more, right?

2. Bring the stadium to your house. Along the same veins as the drive-in, if you are avid sports fans and have a particular team you cheer for, why not pretend you are physically at the game? Stream it outside, set up some lawn chairs, fill those game collector cups we know you have with your favorite beverage and wear your “lucky” outfit. We’re positive this setup will bring out the same up and down excitement as actually being there.

3. Wine not paint together? Wine and painting classes are all the rage right now and can be easily done in the comfort of your own home. Pick out your favorite drink (doesn’t have to be wine) and pick out something you’d like to attempt to either recreate or turn into art. Maybe you have a wall that just needs some freshening up? This could be a fun way to knock a chore off your list if you aren’t feeling daring enough to make your own masterpieces.

4. Start your own book club. Pick a book you both would like to read and set aside nights to talk about a certain number of chapters in the book. This gives you the opportunity to stretch your intellectual skills as well as connecting as a couple. Obviously no book club is complete without yummy snacks and drinks. Bonus date if you are reading a book that has a movie adaptation that you can watch and discuss once you’ve read the book.

5. Have a comedy night. Need to laugh? Why not pick a comedian(s) with a special out and watch it? Whether you choose to watch a single show or binge a bunch the giggles will provide some much needed stress relief and let’s face it, most things get funnier when someone else is there reacting with you.

6. Reminisce on some of your best moments. We all have photos lying around that we have yet to do something with. Why not go through them, relieve the memories and organize them in an album? The walk down memory lane will be fun and start some good conversations between you two and once again provide you an opportunity to make a chore a little more fun.

7. Learn a new skill together. Always wanted to learn French? Maybe you have a do-it-yourself project you’d like to accomplish, but need to educate yourself on how to properly do it? Pick something you can learn together. This opens up the potential for discussions and/or something to work on together.

8. Pick an ordinary activity you both like and make it fun. Gardening, cooking, exercising. The possibilities are endless with this one. Pick an activity and make it a competition, or something that requires mutual teamwork to get done. You can include a wager or prize at the end, or simply just revel in the fruits of your labor.

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