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Feng Shui Your Office

A simple guide to making the most of your space.

Did you know that the environment that surrounds you can greatly affect your productivity at work? It may seem frivolous to think about, but the way your office is organized, the colors used, and even materials of your furniture can all play a part in how much you achieve every day at work. You read that right. If you have been struggling to maintain focus, or lose energy as the day wears on, it may have something to do with your décor.

The good news is this is something that can easily be fixed with a few minor tweaks such as moving your desk or switching light bulbs, but if it is time for a major change that can be accommodated too through feng shui.

Looking at your layout

This is one of the easiest first steps to creating a more feng shui office space. Things like furniture placement, where you have artwork hanging, and distribution of accessories can make a huge impact on how your space feels. If you happen to notice everything has been arranged on one side of your office try moving a few things to balance it out. Maybe you feel like there are not enough things in your office or maybe there are too many things. Try adding or removing items as necessary until the space feels good to you.

Desk placement

Desk placement is a big deal when it comes to feng shui. It is almost always the anchor of any office and can really set the tone in your space. Feng shui dictates it is important to have your desk facing the door if you can. This allows you to command the space and see what (or who) is coming. If it is not possible to place your desk so it faces the door, adding a mirror can offer the next best solution so you are never caught off guard.


Another easy feng shui fix is to check your lighting. If you have access to natural light, use it! Fluorescent bulbs, or anything with a yellow cast tend to be very draining on your energy which is terrible for productivity. Look for bulbs that emulate the kind of light you would get from a window or being outside. Natural light is not only good for your energy levels, but your soul, giving a calming feeling no matter how tough work is at times.


Houseplants are an office space best friend. They not only look pretty and soften a space but help filter your air keeping it from getting stuffy. Stagnation can be detrimental to your creative flow and plants are an easy way to help prevent uninspired work. A small fan, desk fountain or even a fish tank can also help make your office space feel “alive” and inspired.

Keep it Clean

This should go without saying, but a clean space is a productive space. Work can absolutely get chaotic which can often mean an explosion of paperwork or emails appear all over your workspace with little to no effort. However, for your sanity and productivity’s sake it is important you keep it as clean and organized as you possibly can everyday. A clean space promotes a clear mind, and a clear mind promotes great work habits.

For more ideas on how to incorporate feng shui elements into your office check out this article:

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