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Healthier Sodas to Curb your Cravings

Sometimes you just need a soda. While we do not recommend popping a can of pop every day, sometimes the craving just hits and needs to be satisfied. Thankfully, there are legit sodas out there that are fairly good for you compared to the brands you are probably used to. Here we will dive into a few of them and why they are a better choice when you can’t say “no” to a sweet, bubbly treat.

Olipop is great because it does nice things for your gut health. This brand has six flavors to choose from and packs them with 9 grams of fiber. How do they do this? Cassava root fiber, chicory root inulin, and marshmallow root. Olipop brand also contains prebiotics, but we don’t suggest you solely rely on soda to get these health benefits even if they are made available in tasty drinks. You still need to get most of your health content from fruits, veggies and whole grains.

New Wave is another alternative soda that is better for you because it is free of added sugars or sugar alcohols. This brand gets all its flavor from fruit juices with the remainder of it being sparkling water. If you are someone that needs to get a caffeine hit, this brand will be a winner for you since they use coffee cherries to give you the little kick you need. Even better? We listed all the ingredients, and they are all natural. How is that for treating yourself?

Corsa Co. is making old school soda cool again and healthier too! All the flavors are derived from botanical extracts that are not only tasty, but healthy. Aside from the Kola flavor, this soda brand contains no added sugar which is also a plus point in the health department.

United Sodas of America has 12 flavors that are sure to satisfy your soda cravings when they pop up. These sodas are low calorie—only 30 per can and have only 6 grams of added sugar. While maybe not as “eye-popping” on the good-for-you add ons like some of the other sodas on this list, this brand at least keeps the bad-for-you things in small doses.

Poppi is our final healthy soda for when the cravings hit hard. This brand uses sparkling water, apple cider vinegar, fruit juices, cane sugar and stevia to flavor their pops. Poppi is only 15 to 20 calories and adds 4 grams of added sugar which is way less than bigger soda brands. There is also a nice little hit of prebiotics due to their use of apple cider vinegar.

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