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How Finances Affect Your Health

We all know we need to exercise and eat nutritiously in order to maintain our health, but did you know keeping your finances in check can also be a health benefit? Below we discuss why finances play a part in your health and what you can do to help increase your welfare.

Diddy was not wrong when he famously sang “it’s all about the Benjamins, baby”. Money might be the single biggest determining factor in every single person’s life. It determines how you dress, your education level, and your social standing, but did you know it can also affect your health? That is right, your financial situation can play a big role in how physically healthy you are.

Below we will go over just how your money plays a part in your health as well as some tips to better your financial situation and your physical well-being.

When you are constantly worried about money one of the things that can sky-rocket on you is your blood pressure. High blood pressure in and of itself isn’t hard to overcome, but if you aren’t able to keep it in check (because you are worried about your financial future) it can lead to other more serious problems such as a heart attack or stroke.

If you have been having digestive issues lately look no further than your bank account. When money is the root cause of people’s stress they tend to not eat well—this can be too little or too much. There is also the problem of affordability. If money is tight you may not be in a place to pay for enough food that is also healthy. This can lead to digestive tract problems and even ulcers.

Your physical well-being is not the only thing that can take a major hit from financial troubles. Money can affect your mental health as well. Depression and anxiety all increase when faced with a financial deficit you feel like you cannot get out of. Feelings of shame are also a common occurrence even though carrying debt is very commonplace.

No money or being low on money may also mean you are skipping out on doctor’s visits that help keep you healthy and happy. Health care is expensive and paying those bills even with a decent paycheck and insurance can be pricey. Unfortunately, this one is a double-edged sword because while you may not be able to pay for medical care, it is also expensive to skip out on it too.

While this all sounds like a lot to deal with, the good news is with some work it is fixable. Just don’t panic (easier said than done). Paying off your debt and putting away money for your future will not only put you mentally at ease, but literally lift a weight off your shoulders.

The best thing you can possibly do if you are feeling weighed down by money problems is sit down with a financial planner to come up with a budget, a plan of attack to conquer any debt you may have, and start building wealth through strategic investing and saving. You will be amazed what moving from the red to the black will do for your physical and mental health.

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