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How To Calm An Upset Stomach

We've all been there. That lunch you were so excited about isn't sitting right, or perhaps you are dealing with high stress at work and it's causing your tummy to flip around. The good news is there are some fairly easy solutions. Read on to find out what causes stomach issues and how to fix them.

While not an actual medical condition, having a “nervous” or “anxious” stomach can be really unpleasant. Often associated with your mental, emotional or gut health an anxious stomach rarely is an indication of a serious problem, but can be uncomfortable none-the-less.

Some common indicators that you stomach may be uneasy include:

· Cramping

· “Butterflies”

· Muscle Twitches

· Flatulence

· Nausea/Queasiness

· Indigestion

· Bloated Feeling

· Increased Bowel Movements

If you find yourself frequently experiencing any of those symptoms there are some natural, at home remedies you can try to settle your stomach.

Like most things, finding a way and a place to relax is a great starting point. Taking a moment to clear your head and take control of any nerves you may be feeling is a key component to overall health and well-being. Don’t feel bad if you need to excuse yourself from or skip out on an event in order to get some alone time. You will be amazed how much this will help to alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing from unmanaged stress or anxiety.

During your alone time you can incorporate some other methods to further help you relax. Using an oil diffuser or incense can increase the peaceful setting you are trying to create. Scents like chamomile, lavender and rose are well-known for their stress reducing properties. You can also use this time to practice some meditation and deep-breathing that will get you to refocus and be present in the moment.

Caffeine is not your friend if you find your tummy rolling and gurgling from anxiety. Caffeination has been linked to increasing feelings of anxiety and stress while also stimulating your bowels. Obviously, if you are already feeling high-strung increasing those feelings with caffeine will not be helpful.

Instead of taking a caffeine hit you may want to consider an herbal remedy to slow the roll. If nausea is the main symptom you are experiencing ginger can quell those feelings. Spasms can be eased with peppermint, lavender or lemon balm which are well-known antispasmodics (ease cramps).

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