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How to Get Along with Different Viewpoints

With so many people in the world with so many different perspectives, having the ability to get along with people may seem like an impossible task. There is no doubt it can be difficult to put your own thoughts and ideas away so you can be open to what someone else has to say. However, it is important we strive to grow in our ability to be open-minded about ideas that do not always fit our own life narrative. After all, we are better together.

Top Tips for Getting Along

1. Let people know you intend to get along. One of the best things you can do is openly let it be known that you want to get along with everyone make them feel included in your circle whether you always agree or not.

2. Make a point to actively listen. Having competent and important conversations is more than simply speaking back and forth. It is taking in what the participants have to say and processing it whether you always agree or not. By really listening to what is being said you increase your ability to see where someone else is coming from and come up with solutions or mutual understandings that work for everyone.

3. Finding compromise does not mean you are changing people. While finding middle ground to work from is important, it is equally as important to realize that does not always mean the other person is going to change or should change. The only person you can actively make change is yourself, everyone else is on their own and that is something you need to learn to accept.

4. Aim for positivity when you can. It is impossible to be happy or positive all the time. Sometimes things come up in life that cannot be sugarcoated. However, walking into as many situations as you can with a good attitude will go a long way in your efforts to get along with people Your attitude is going to have a ripple effect on everyone you come into contact with, so making it count in every interaction is a much better strategy than being grumpy all the time about everything.

5. Along the same lines, do things for others. It sounds so “Pollyanna” but being kind gets you further with people, even ones you do not always agree with. This does not have to be a complicated process either. Simply smiling and saying “hi” can be a game changer and reap great results with the people in your life.

What to do if your Best Efforts do not Work

Sometimes you will encounter people that are combative no matter how reasonable you try to be. If the above tips do not get you anywhere, know that it is ok to walk away from a situation. In fact, it is the healthiest thing you can do. The last thing anyone needs is to lose their cool and escalate a situation to where it does not need to be. There will be times when it is best to accept that no matter what you do, or how hard to you try to resolve an issue with someone you both will never find common ground.

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