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How to Improve Self-Confidence

You know those people that just exude self-confidence? They just walk into a room and instantly seem to draw all the attention. Do you ever wonder how they came to be such a powerful source of energy? A lot of people are naturally born with confidence and others have to learn it. Thankfully for those that have to train themselves in confidence there are some tricks that can be used to jump start the process.

Why Self-Confidence Matters

Before we dive into how you can improve your self-confidence it is important to understand the benefits of oozing internal power. No matter what your station in life is, having self-confidence will have a profoundly positive effect on your home, work and relationships.

  • First and foremost high confidence will improve your resiliency and as we have discussed in previous articles this is important to get through some of the tougher moments in life. None of us will make it through without some adversity so improving your ability to bounce back because you have confidence in yourself is huge.

  • Better confidence means better relationships. When you are confident you know your worth and can easily draw healthy boundaries with the people in your life. Higher self-confidence also gives you the ability to determine when a relationship is no longer meeting your standards and you feel ok walking away.

  • Your work life benefits from improved self-confidence because, well, you get out there and put your nose to the grind rather than worry about whether you have the ability to complete a task. Confidence kills insecurity and inhibition allowing you to freely ask questions when you need help thus improving your performance.

  • Finally, high self-worth helps you to try new things that you wouldn’t otherwise. When you believe in yourself and your abilities you are more likely to try for that promotion at work, take that dance class, or meet that cutie at the bar you’ve had your eye on for a few weeks.

Steps to Improve Your Confidence

1. You are the company you keep. If you surround yourself with positive people who believe in you, the odds of you believing in yourself go up immensely. The opposite is also true. If your circle consists of negative people who drag you down with them, you most likely aren’t going to be as confident as you could be. Pay attention to how your inner circle makes you feel on a daily basis and do any necessary weeding.

2. Accept your uniqueness. You are unlike anyone else on this planet and that is something to be celebrated. The sooner you can accept that and use to it your advantage, the sooner you will reap the confidence boost benefits. Being envious of the people around you isn’t a healthy practice and will hold you back. If you need help seeing just what you have to offer this world that no one else can, consider starting a gratitude journal.

3. Be kind to yourself. This a general term that can mean a lot of different things, but it is important. Some ways you can start being kinder to yourself today include eating a healthy diet, practicing positive affirmations, regularly exercising, getting enough sleep and doing a better job of practicing point #2. Self-compassion goes a incredibly long way in not only how you treat yourself, but how others treat you as well.

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