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Kick Back, Relax and Staycation

Things are beginning to look a little more “normal” compared to 2020 and you may be ready to venture out and vacation to your heart’s content. You also may have some reservations still about travel which is perfectly acceptable after what we have all been through. Budgets and restrictions can also be a vacation killer, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t still take a well-deserved break and feel like you are on a magnificent trip.

Staycations have become popular due in large part to the pandemic, but also because they just make a lot of sense. Whatever the reason you choose to take a staycation, we have a few ideas that will help you make the most of your time off and maybe gain a greater appreciation for your life and everything that surrounds it.

5 Ways to Staycation

1. Take advantage of events around you. Be a visitor in your own city or neighborhood and take in all the cool “touristy” things that you probably take for granted. It is so easy anymore to find a calendar of events taking place near you and you probably would be surprised to know some of the interesting things you’ve been missing out on. Take some vacation and plan your days around that art festival, small park concert, or neighborhood movie night. We can guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun and make them regular occurrences.

2. Go to your local theme park. Everyone wants to go to Disneyland, but have you ever spent time at your local amusement park? While not always the cheapest option for fun, it is still better than boarding a plane to go to a theme park in a different state and they are just as fun. Ride the rides, spend time at the water park and take some time to try and pick out the tourists that came to hang out in your local spot.

3. Backyard camp. If you have a great backyard set up a tent and enjoy it! Chances are you have no idea what kinds of critters roam around at night and this gives you a good opportunity to see what goes on. Plus, there is nothing more peaceful that snuggling in a sleeping bag listening to the breeze and crickets while watching the stars. If you don’t have a backyard to set up camp in research close by camp grounds or national parks that you can spend a few days in.

4. Accomplish something fun. You know that list of things you keep saying you’d like to do? Now is a great time to dive head first into them with no interruptions. That wine and painting class you’ve been dying to try? Sign up for it. Been jonesing to take self-defense? Do it! There is literally nothing stopping you when you have time off.

5. Pet adventures. Find a dog park or hiking trail and enjoy running around with your furry, four-legged friend for a day or two. Not only will you benefit, but your best pal will also be thrilled to spend more time with you in wide-open spaces. You both might even make some new, like-minded friends. Plus, your Instagram will be a cuteness explosion with all the pictures we know you’ll take.

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