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Mental Illness Common Warning Signs and Symptoms

Stigma is real. 80% of people living with mental illness never reach out or receive support.

Mental illness isn't something we can test the same way we can test blood sugar levels for diabetes. Each condition has its own set of unique symptoms, and they often overlap. Common sign and/or symptoms may include:

Sudden Behavior Changes

We all experience low mental health, but when it lasts for extended periods of time and impacts our behavior, it's important to be aware.

Extreme Feelings of Sadness, Worry or Fear

Intense feelings may make it difficult to manage everyday life, for example, preparing

food, getting ready, and washing regularly.

Cluttered Thinking or Inability to Focus

It may be difficult to concentrate and remember things, which may include feelings of paranoia and irrational thoughts.

Excessive Drug or Alcohol Use

As it becomes increasingly harder to cope with stress and daily issues, drugs and

alcohol become an escape.

Changes in Physical Health and Sleep

It may become difficult to calm down and rest the body, which can negatively impact

the immune system.

Increased Anger or Irritability

Mental illness can cause people to become impatient, have a shorter fuse, and lose

control of their emotions.

Drop in Productivity or Cooperation

It impacts absenteeism, presenteeism, one's ability to complete tasks, and work

with others effectively.

What can you do?

Be A Better Listener

  • Be Present - Get out of your head and into your heart.

  • Be curious - Walk in their shoes from their perspective.

  • Be Open - Make it about them without advice giving.

  • Be Still - Let go of any agendas or expectations.

You don't have to fix anything

When it comes to supporting your team's emotional wellbeing, your job is to make yourself available and then listen. Rather than trying to fix or solve their problems, refer them to the trained professional.

Download and print warning signs and symptoms below

Download PDF • 109KB

Sources | NAMI, SAMHSA, Mayo Clinic, and Blunovus Care, Inc.

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