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Mountain Climber How-To

When it comes to exercise it is hard not to love moves that work everything at once. It saves time and burns so good. However, technique becomes critical in full body movements to make sure you don’t accidentally injure yourself.

One of our favorite moves here at Buckner Wellness is the “mountain climber”. It is easy enough for any skill set from beginner to advanced to do and it can pack a punch both as a cardio and muscle building exercise. Better yet, it is low impact on your joints, but it is imperative you do the movements right. Below we have a step-by-step guide of how the movements are supposed to coordinate into one.

Mountain Climber Step-By-Step

1. Put both hands and knees on the floor so your body forms a square.

2. Place your right foot near your right hand and extend your left leg behind you.

3. In a smooth, easy motion, switch your legs so your left leg is near your left hand without moving your arms.

4. Continue switching your legs back and forth in that motion until you are ready to take a break.

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