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Positive Actions for a Positive Workspace

Work can be a stressful place when faced with deadlines, unreasonable bosses/employees and customers with unrealistic expectations. It can be difficult to not spiral down the path that only adds to everyone’s aggravation. In this article we discuss ways you can be a positive force in your work face because the energy you give out is often the energy you will receive.

Staying Positive

  • Keep your language positive. What you say matters whether you realize it or not. Your words carry energy and have the power to make the day great or not so great. Be aware of what words you are using to discuss work issues. If you are saying things like “impossible”, “can’t”, or “quit” it might be time to rethink your words and come at work problems in a more positive light.

  • Stay authentic with your coworkers. This is particularly important when it comes to anyone managing a team. It is ok to be vulnerable, admit mistakes or that you aren’t certain about how to handle a situation. People respond and rally around honesty and transparency much more than ridiculous bravado.

  • Give and earn respect. This is a two way street. Make sure you go into every situation prepared to earn the other person’s respect. In the end they will most likely return the respect back. Please, thank you and acknowledging the person’s presence (calling them by their name) goes a long, long way to building respectful relationships.

  • Be accountable. Being reliable and following through with what you say you will do is an undervalued trait, but it is important. Be clear about what you can and can’t accomplish and then stick with it. This allows everyone else to better plan for what to expect and doesn’t foster any unreasonable expectations that could blow up in your face.

  • Ask others for clarification. There is nothing worse than assuming someone has a handle on a situation, or knows what you need them to do and finding out you were wrong. Keep communications open so everyone knows the plan and sticks to it.

  • Avoid indulging in office gossip. Lets be honest here. The information provided is rarely useful and will only cause problems down the road if the person involved ever finds out you and others were involved. Stick with facts and usable knowledge as topics of conversation.

  • Finally, be the change. It’s easy to say “oh well, everyone else does…” or “it’s the nature of the business”, but it is only that way because no one has bothered to challenge habits before. If you see something that is bogging everyone down or causing unnecessary issues set out to change it. It only takes one person to start a movement toward a better, more positive and inclusive work environment.

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