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Reducing Computer Eye Strain

We spend most of our time looking at a screen be it our computer, phone or some other device these days. It’s virtually unavoidable. You’ve also, probably noticed that your eyes are tired at the end of the day from straining against all the bright blue light that emits from those screens. The good news is there are things you can do to help minimize the damage and keep your eyes happy till it is time to go to sleep.

Eye Strain Symptoms

Before we can give you tips for relieving and preventing eye strain, it is important to first recognize the symptoms.

  • Eye discomfort

  • Dry eyes

  • Headaches

  • Blurred vision

  • Red eyes

  • Eye twitching

  • Neck and shoulder pain

Additionally, according to research done by The Vision Council, 59% of people who use some kind of digital screen everyday suffer from eye strain.

Tips for Reducing/Preventing Eye Strain

  1. Check your eyes. Like everything in life, the best way to make sure you are healthy and functioning is to get regular check-ups and that should include your eyes. Your doctor will best know what is going on with your vision and the correct steps to keep your eyes safe and healthy. The most important thing is making sure you are honest about what symptoms you are experiencing.

  2. Try reducing extra glare. Install an anti-glare screen on your devices and paint your walls a softer, darker color than bright white to minimize bouncing light. Reducing any unnecessary glare is an important step to helping to keep your eyes from straining too hard.

  3. Make sure your computer settings are at an appropriate level for what you need. Checking your settings for monitor brightness, text size and contrast as well as the color temperature (warm light versus cool light) all play a part in how hard your eyes have to work. Keeping everything adjusted to proper levels will keep your eyes happy and healthy.

  4. Nothing is worse than dry, scratchy eyes. As you work throughout the day make sure you are blinking regularly in order to keep them nice and moist. Between dry air in most offices and a tendency to not blink as much when focusing on something, it is important to make sure you are keeping your eyes well-coated with tear.

  5. Blue light glasses are your friend even though it can seem overdramatic for those who don’t need to wear regular glasses already. However, blue light glasses are worth it and can keep your eyes from straining too hard during work hours in front of computer screens.

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