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Relationships and Your Health

Improving Your Social Health

Whether you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert, everyone has an innate drive to develop relationships with the people in their community. Not only do we want to feel needed, but it is important for our health to receive daily support from the people we trust. This ability to connect is called social wellness, and how we manage it influences the quality of our life.

Relationships can be difficult to balance and maintain but doing so is important for our health. Research shows that social wellness plays a large role in delivering greater health benefits. These benefits can include a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, and a stronger immune system. It has also been shown that isolation has comparable health threats to smoking and obesity.

A great way to improve social wellness is to appreciate and respect ourselves. We need to view ourselves in a healthy manner before we try to build healthy relationships. Remember the power of positive thinking! When we respect and love ourselves, we feel inclined to reach out and socialize. When we participate in negative self-talk and judgement, we view others negatively.

Communication is key for improving social wellness. Everyone can benefit from observing how they interact with the people around them. Try to pay attention to your body language when communicating. Do you face the person you are talking to or point different direction? Are your arms closed or open? You may not be aware of these small details, but they can say a lot more than words.

Taking care of social wellness is a process that continues beyond the initial connection. It takes time and care for a relationship to incorporate trust, compassion, and security – all of which are vital components of a strong relationship. Maintaining a healthy social life is time-consuming and sometimes exhausting but having a healthy support system will be worth it in the end.

What are your thoughts on this subject, how have your relationships affected your health? Leave us a comment below.

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