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Stay Healthy With Preventative Healthcare

No one loves spending time at a doctor’s office and it’s understandable why. Especially if you are generally very healthy. It takes an hour or so out of a few days a year that may feel unnecessary when you always get a clean bill of health. However, what if on the off chance something is detected early because you regularly get checked? Spending those handful of hours all of the sudden doesn’t seem so wasteful. We understand that preventative healthcare isn’t fun, but it is necessary for your overall health. If you still aren’t convinced, we will go over the benefits and ways you can be more proactive with your health today.

Why Preventative Healthcare Matters

  • Save money. Yes, practicing preventative health also costs money. However, it costs much less to have regular check-ups and catching something early, than seeking help when you have a full-blown problem that needs urgent care. Whether it is catching a disease early to make treatment easier or spotting potential problems before they blow up into something, this is truly where you get your value in preventative healthcare.

  • Improves your health long-term. Catching potential issues before they become major problems helps to keep you healthier, longer. When you go in for standard check-ups you are often being screened for basic things like blood pressure, skin cancer, cavities, etc. It is much easier to lower blood pressure that isn’t sky high, remove a small, suspicious mole, or fill a small weak spot in your enamel than it is to have open heart surgery, full blown cancer that has spread, or a root canal.

Ways to Get Started

  • Manage your weight. Obesity is a major risk factor to most diseases including diabetes, heart disease and even certain cancers. The good news is managing your weight is fairly easy. Regular exercise and a balanced diet go a long way to not only keeping your weight in check, but a lot of other health factors as well.

  • Stay on top of your mental health. This one is so important because it often gets neglected and not even considered as part of your regular health screenings. However, the potential for this to sneak up on you and cause major problems that are hard to solve is big. Staying on top of your mental health can help prevent substance abuse, bad eating habits, stress levels and even suicidal thoughts.

  • Get your physical health screenings. Some of the top ones to consider depending on your age, gender and health history include:

o Type 2 diabetes

o Cervical cancer

o Breast cancer

o Prostate cancer

o Colorectal cancer

o High cholesterol

o Osteoporosis

  • Vaccinations save lives. These are easy, very effective and important depending on age and health.

o Hepatitis A

o Tetanus

o Shingles

o Pneumonia

o Covid-19

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