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Taking Action Against Anxiety

We have been through a lot the last year or so which makes it understandable if you are feeling a bit anxious. Heck, it doesn’t even require a global pandemic to make a person feel anxiety about life in general. The important thing is to acknowledge the feelings you are having and finding ways to cope when they get to be too much.

To help you through this process we have compiled some easy techniques you can try that will hopefully make any rough days you have a little more manageable.

Working Through Anxiety

1. Say it or write it down. It sounds really corny but acknowledging what is bothering you by either writing it down or saying it aloud to yourself or a friend puts it in the universe. You are no longer keeping it in your head and denying its presence which can be a powerful healing tool. When you allow yourself to deal with whatever is going on it loses its power and becomes much more manageable.

2. Allow yourself to feel. A staple of our society today is to deny, deny, deny and never show any kind of weakness. The problem with this line of thinking is it causes way more damage than it prevents. Anxiety is a weird sensation because you can feel a million different things in a matter of seconds, but acknowledging those emotions is important much like acknowledging what is bothering you. Embrace your feelings and emotions. It will actually make you feel better.

3. Control your news intake. We are by no means suggesting you bury your head in the sand but watching hour after hour of the news all day, every day is doing nothing to calm your nerves. At some point you need to take a break from it and cleans your mind, body and soul. Take time to laugh and enjoy life. The news will still be there later.

4. Keep in the present. You get that nagging feeling and all of the sudden you go down this dark rabbit hole where every “what if” snowballs into the worst possible case. It’s not that whatever is going on couldn’t end in the worst possible scenario you can imagine, but science says it is very unlikely. By imagining just how bad something can go wrong all you are doing is adding unnecessary stress that you most likely won’t even have to deal with. If you can it is best to stay focused on what is actually happening and navigating your way through it with blinders on to outside scenarios.

5. Find a spiritual outlet that works for you. There are a lot of ways to go about this one. If you love going to church and/or praying, do it. If yoga is what centers you and gives you a sense of calm, go for it. Maybe simply taking in the wonders of nature can put your mind at ease. Do whatever it is that can bring you a sense of peace and help improve your perspective on the chaos you can’t always control. We guarantee you will feel better and be in a better head space to deal with whatever comes along.

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