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Taking Action on Anxiety

Even in a good year it can be hard not to feel anxious. Lets face it. We have a lot going on between work, hobbies, exercise, socializing and everything in between that can add a lot of stress that can then trigger anxiety. The good news is you can take control of it and we have a few ideas on how to go about it.

Anxiety can be tricky to deal with, but there are some simple, proven ways to make it better. The biggest thing to remember when taking on your anxiety is that you must want to take control of the situation. With just a few minutes of dedication everyday you can take a crippling mental health issue and turn it into a source of strength by following some easy steps.

The easiest and cheapest way to start coping with anxiety? Focus on your breathing! By focusing on your breathing—especially earlier in the day—you put all your attention on the here and now. This is how it works: sit with your eyes closed and place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. As you breathe, try to forget everything on your mind and just focus on the air coming in and out of your nostrils. Repeat this practice as many times as you need to feel calmer, clearer, and more relaxed.

Another money saving way to help your anxiety is to give up soda if you have a habit. While caffeine from your morning cup of coffee or tea can be helpful in getting your day started the same cannot be said for soda. The added sugar and chemicals cause more harm than good not only jacking up your central nervous system, but also depleting your body of necessary vitamins to function. Add in that a regular soda habit can wreak havoc on your teeth and the choice seems clear for a variety of health reasons.

Planning a simple day trip in nature can do wonders for your frame of mind. Finding a peaceful place to take a walk or hike while taking in a peaceful environment can help give your mind and body a much needed break from the anxiety causing commotion around you.

While it might seem like the only way to get anything done is to burn the candle at both ends it is important that you go to bed early and try to get up a little earlier as well. Why? When you go to bed at an earlier hour you help your brain chill out and not go haywire on anticipatory reactions caused by sleep deprivation. In layman's terms it is impossible to have healthy emotional reactions to life when you are running on no sleep.

As for waking up earlier, it is simply about giving yourself more time to get ready in the morning. The less rushed you feel getting out of the door to start your day, the less likely you are going to get hit with an anxiety attack. Even waking up 10-15 minutes earlier can make a world of difference in how the rest of your day goes.

Whatever you do, make sure you find time to get your exercise on. Exercising not only is a great way to relieve anxiety on its own by activating your body’s endorphins, but it also aids in some of our other tips for easing your mind. Remember how we said going to bed early is also great for easing anxiety? Regular exercise will help you not only go to sleep at a better time but stay asleep too.

Want more tips and tricks for easing your anxiety? Check out this article from Psychology Today to start feeling better sooner.

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