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Using Your 5 Senses to Connect with Nature

There is nothing more comforting than being in nature. Just a brisk walk around the park can do wonders for your overall health and well-being. While that simplicity is good, you can take the benefits up a notch by being mindful of your five senses out in nature. Here we will remind you what the five senses are and how you can engage each one to really feel relaxed and renewed.

The Five Senses Are:

1. Sight

2. Sound

3. Smell

4. Taste

5. Touch

Engaging Each Sense in Nature

  • Sight allows you to appreciate the beauty around you by taking in all the different landscapes and terrain. Studies have shown people who look out their windows and enjoy a natural landscape report a higher satisfaction with their life. Powerful stuff, huh? The trick is being intentional about what you look at. Take time to notice any birds, different shadow patterns the sun creates, how a plant has grown, etc. and compare it to the day before or different seasons.

  • Sound makes us comfortable. That’s right, dead silence makes us uneasy and for good reason. When life gets silent it’s generally a sign of trouble—a defense mechanism amongst animals. When you hear noises like birds or crickets it is nature’s way of saying you are safe. If you find yourself feeling antsy try opening a window or going for a walk and intentionally focus on the wind through the trees, the babbling brook, or the squirrels chirping. Instant relaxation.

  • Smell is a very powerful sensation for us, despite not being our strongest sense. The reason being is we tend to associate moments with scents and so they can take us back to good times (or not great times) very easily. A nice, deep breath in your yard or on a hike can yield powerful healing properties. Make sure you notice specific scents you like—maybe it is pine, or jasmine and incorporate those scents in your home to keep things peaceful even when you aren’t out and about.

  • Taste is easy to not think about but can reap major benefits if you take the time to really enjoy a meal. Incorporate herbs such as basil, oregano and thyme that not only taste great but have a powerful scent as well. We guarantee your satisfaction with life will go up several points.

  • Touch can really connect us to places, people and things. Next time you are at the beach take time to notice the sand between your toes or when you are in your yard try touching the soil or plants. You will feel more connected and more at peace afterwards and who doesn’t want that?

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